The number of users of electric bikes in Europe is growing every year. Whether it is in the cities, on the roads, paths, tours, greenways, for MTB etc. There is no longer any need to mention the advantages of this type of transport in terms of health, environment and comfort, but we must aknowledge, that safe parking and battery charging still remain a major problem, especially in rural areas.


INGEO Mobility Solution offers a wide range of "EuroRacK" secure parking rails, charging terminals and stations for electric bikes with a great variety of options: charging using mains power supply, solar or wind power, with a secure modular system, computerised or not. Park and recharge using the cyclist's own charger or via handlebar kits, which are suitable for all types of e-bikes. Thanks to its great flexibility, our range of products will suit everyone: tours and greenways managers, restaurants, hotels, campsites, tourism offices, municipalities ...

   … everyone can benefit!

Who are we?

Ingeo-Mobility-Solution is one of the products of the non-profit association ACADEMA, made up of young people in training, engineers, retirees, volunteers, translators, managers, business leaders, researchers, secretaries and technicians, all of whom have extensive experience and come from seven European countries. 

One of ACADEMA's goals is to promote local economy and tourism in European countries by facilitating the use of non-polluting options of travel.

Our action consists of identifying users' needs for parking, renting and reloading e-bikes and other electric vehicles, and educating public authorities, companies and private organizations.

It is the local organisations who are responsible for licensing of the products, installing, maintaining these structures and providing services, so that 90% of the amount of investments remain in the municipality, department or region.

We collaborate with the European Centre for Development and Management (CEDG) in the areas of green mobility and tourism development. As a design office, it is the CEDG that develops, on the basis of ACADEMA's conclusions, solutions for local organisations.

We are happy to advise you, carry out specific studies and develop optimal and personalized solutions to suit your needs.


Where to find us?

Mas Blanc

Crta de Reus 79

43460 Alcover (Tarragona)


GPS 41.24 6019, 1.15 4175


+34 - 654 945 965