EuroRacK is a secure parking system for traditional bicycles of all types and for e-bikes equipped with a charging connector to the INGEO © standard. In the standard version, they are connected to the INGEO-RED LOCAL network, on a workstation provided by the customer. Optionally, you can connect the INGEO-EUROPE-NETWORK network to manage financial movements, statistics and accounting through an interface to be defined.

These systems are modular and can be combined with the following elements:


- Horizontal bars with 2, 3 or 4 hooks in line

- Horizontal bars with 3, 5 or 7 face-to-face hooks

The bars with an odd number of hooks are automatically fitted with a universal 220 V plug that allows charging of all types of e-bikes via their own chargers.

- Static supports

- Self-service stations LS122, except the model for 8 e-bikes

- EMR 122 pillars, except the model for 8 e-bikes

- ERA190 and ERA244 pillars, except the model for 8 e-bikes.


Available Options:


- Advertising panels

- Motion detector and / or night light

- Choice of paint colour on metal part (grey or standard black)

- Manufacture in stainless steel

- Without a connection to INGEO-RED