QR Code  &  I GO Card

Access to the INGEO network using a QR Code or an I GO card, which allows you to:

- Park your e-bike
- Charge your battery
- Ask for help in case of emergency, in 6 European languages
- Book and rent an e-bike
- Reserve your location in a motorhome area
- Park your camper in an area provided for this purpose, connect to the power grid, Wifi and water distribution, etc.

Where to find the I GO card?
You can :
1. Buy it in
- INGEO points of sale (hotels, bars, restaurants, tobacco-shops, various shops)
- tourist offices
- CUM columns.

2. Order it by paying € 10 (see the account details below, without forgetting to indicate in the subject: I GO Card). It can save lives, ... to you, to your family, ... by entering into telephone communication with our assistance service or INGEO-SOLUTION terminals which will know where you are, what languages
you speak, and who you are.



Management software

Ingeo-Mobily-Solution has developed a rental management software for groups.


This solution includes:
• An automated means of access
• Vehicle tagging
• Detection of input-output movements
• Modular management software (statistics, invoicing, accounting)




La Caixa

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