The CUM-TOP offers you the options, most requested as standard by the users:


• a solar safety roof for the protection of the loss of communication options or in CUM-TOP-C4S version - possibility of charging 4 e-bikes 24 hours a day

• When in operation: the roof is lit in green.


• When a person approaches, the light brightens and a webcam takes security photos; a CLIC sound signal is emitted in order to disperse the intruders; upon the introduction of the IGO card or the QR-Code, the client is verified.

 • On the front panel, in addition to the touch screen, an oral call system in 6 languages is available.


• The operator can see the caller and knows the GPS position of the terminal, he/she can translate, call for help, provide information, guide users.

 • On request, a first aid kit is provided.


• A water supply can be used.

 • Self-closing locker allows mobile phone charging.


• At the front, a mini-workshop allows for regular repairs.

 • A pump can be used


• A connection to EuroRacK bars is included.