Entry level column. It can park all types of bicycles and e-bikes, and comes in three versions:

• BBK-P for parking alone

• BBK-E for parking and charging VAE. The batteries are charged using the e-bike owner's charger.

• BBK-R for bike and e-bike rental.

How do BBKs work?

The user places his I GO magnetic card on the top of the column, or he reads the QR code, then he attaches his bicycle or e-bike with the chain and introduces the end of the chain in the lock. He takes his card.

For BBK-E, a 220V power outlet is powered during the parking of the e-bike from the moment the user puts his card.

To remove the bike, simply put the I GO card on the top of the column and detach the chain.

For the management of BBK-R for rent, please contact ingeo.solution@gmail.com



Columns are modular and available individually or in multiple units side by side (see image). They are fixed on pedestals. No internet connection is necessary.
For more information, ask for our technical documentation at: ingeo.solution@gmail.com