Several versions are available:

1. Non-autonomous: With 220 V connection and internet by cable or WIFI

2. Autonomous with battery charge only by day
Solar or wind panels
- For 5 e-bikes (photo): can be used as a stand for EuroRacK bars
- For 8 e-bikes arranged in a star shape without connection to the parking bar


3. Autonomous with 24 / 24h load through an additional battery cabinet that serves as a base.

From 5 to 8 e-bikes (see above)


Available Options:

- Tablet internet: information, assistance, reservations, contact in 6 languages

- Security module: webcam, alarm, motion detector, fire detector etc.

- The 244-5 models are modular. They are combined with EuroRacK parking bars and lockers.

 For more technical data, budgets and special conditions, contact