The ERA cabinets come in many versions, fully compatible with our range of solutions. They consist of 2 shelves, occasionally separated by night light.

They are installed on their own or combined with EuroRacK bars, CityRacK, terminals and car parks.

The set up works thanks to QR-Codes and I GO Cards.


Examples of versions:

BASIC includes 2 to 4 large filing cabinets with automatic closing by I-GO or QR-Code card. Each cabinet is equipped with a power outlet for charging the batteries with the customer's charger, phones and laptops.

TECHNICAL: a low cabinet can be equipped with a variety of tools to repair the e-bikes but also the essential inflator.

INFORMATIVE: One of the higher setpoints can be used to install a touch screen identical to that of the CUM columns.

ASSISTANCE: a webcam module allows users of QR-Code or I GO-Cards to contact in the 6 most used languages in Europe a 24-hour assistance service.

SECURITY: this module includes automatic night lighting, a webcam, an alarm, a presence detector and sudden movements that automatically engage in case of presence or abnormal actions. This module is connectable to police stations or monitoring.

AUTONOMOUS: module of 2 cabinets including a steerable mast equipped with solar panels and / or a wind turbine, in order to guarantee the possibility to load the VAE day and night.







When WIFI is not available, we offer a satellite or wireless connection.



ADVERTISING: when 2 cabinets are installed on both sides of the bars, it is possible to fix billboards with light or not.


PROTECTION: on 2 cabinets, we can place fixed or removable roofs to protect against snow, bad weather, too much sunlight etc.